env2At Ovenpig we are proud to use Eco-friendly, food-safe, biodegradable and fume free oven cleaning products. Our range of oven cleaning products allow us to offer a unbeatable oven cleaning service and give you the peace of mind that your oven will never suffer any long lasting damage that can be caused by using (and not completely removing) low quality caustic cleaning products from the high street.


We ONLY use non-caustic detergents when cleaning your oven. Our bespoke dip tanks fitted in the back of all of our service vans carry the same detergents that we use on the interior parts of your oven, using our tried and trusted detergents means that we can remove any amount of dirt and grime from your oven without the need for strong, harmful caustic cleaners.

Cleaning your oven in this way not only gives you an oven that looks like it has just come out of the showroom but means that with each clean we are extending the life of your oven and improving the taste of your food.

Biodegradable & Fume free cleaning products

Our oven cleaning products and chemicals are completely fume free and 100% biodegradable, so you can rest assured about the safety of little ones, pets and family members with breathing problems like asthma, they pose no health risks whatsoever!

Food safe chemicals

Our 100% food safe chemicals are designed so that once we have cleaned your oven and professionally reassembled it you are free to begin cooking and using your oven again immediately! There are no waiting periods. Though considering just how clean your oven is going to look when we are done with it, we doubt you’ll ever want to risk making it dirty ever again!

We constantly search the market for the most effective and Environmentally Friendly cleaning products we can find, we make no claims that our detergents are unique to us, we keep ourselves open to continuous improvement and thoroughly research to ensure all products used conform to BS standards and that none of our products used are ever tested on animals

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