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We know that many customers think were a large nationwide business or even a franchise, maybe its our branding, maybe its the way we approach business or maybe its the success we’ve enjoyed thus far?

Ovenpig is growing and growing fast, but were still the family run business that started out just under 6 years ago. Having built the name and business from scratch were quite flattered by the impression we give to others, but understand that customers still like to use smaller, local businesses.

Well, we are still just that.

Our plan when we first started out was to grow and provide employment possibilities, in the last 12-18 months we have started to see that plan become reality.

With Brinley & Shirley James joining the team in February 2015 and Thomas Dunkley joining early this year the team is starting to grow, we have one more position lined up to be filled, with a keen and eager gentleman ready in the wings for September this year and further plans for an office telesales position towards Christmas 2016.

Owning the business and not being a franchise currently gives us a lot more flexibility and freedom in how we run the business, as we don’t have anyone setting our prices for us & we are free to market as we please, all this helps keep our prices low, enables us to bespoke your service to meet your needs and gives our customers the knowledge that if ever you should need to speak with us, your speaking with people who care deeply about the business.

Now were not saying that franchising is a bad idea, we have already surpassed the level where we could offer franchises to the rest of the country, we just haven’t travelled down that road, but were not ruling it out for the future.

Customers in Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire and Herefordshire will always be serviced by the original and best oven cleaning team around.

We owe a huge amount of our success so far to our customers, yes its up to us to promote the business and do an expert job, but without our happy customers spreading the word, recommending us to friends and family, Ovenpig would not have become so established so quick, so to you all, I doff my hat, thank you very very much.

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