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Ovenpig – Your specialist domestic oven cleaners for Gloucestershire, Herefordshire & Monmouthshire.

Domestic ovens – Ranges – Aga’s – Hobs – Extractors – Microwaves – Barbecues

The thoroughness of our service means it is likely to take between 1.5 and 4.5 hours to give your appliance the full deep clean it needs; proper cleaning can’t be rushed after all.

After introducing ourselves and giving your appliance an initial inspection, we will put down protective covers/flooring to make sure we keep the rest of the kitchen unaffected and clean throughout our work.

Then we begin to disassemble any/all removable parts from the inside of your oven/s, these are taken outside and placed in our bespoke cleaning tanks, all detergents used in our service are Eco-Friendly, biodegradable and fume free. We then heat the dip tank and leave all parts to soak whilst we carry on with the rest of our service in your kitchen.

On returning to your kitchen we will remove the appliance door/s and begin cleaning the interior of your oven using a combination of highly effective solutions and buckets of elbow grease to remove any burnt on grease. With most ovens we are able to take the door apart and clean inside leaving the glass truly sparkling and all the mechanisms properly free from dirt and grease.

Once the doors are cleaned they are reattached to your appliance, we then clean the exterior including handles, control knobs and fascia.

At this point we return to our van and complete the clean on the parts previously left to soak. These are dried and polished before being returned to your appliance and refitted in the same order they were removed. A final polish, shine and buff until it is left perfectly pristine and ready to use straight away.

It must be emphasised that at no point will we ever use toxic or nasty fume producing chemicals, either inside your kitchen or in our dip tanks in our vans, our detergents are 100% Food Safe & Biodegradable.

We never call a job finished until our customer is completely happy with the result, as we recognise that customers use our service to get a truly superior clean. Our business is built on the principal of providing the very best oven clean for our customers in order to gain future business and recommendations.

You will be amazed at how clean your oven will be.

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